Privacy Policy

The Call Log Analytics provides analytics of your call data on your device. The app is intended for use by an individual or any organization. Qohlo is not affiliated with any organization and usage of this app is on your discretion. Before installing the app, we assume that you have read and understood our privacy policy.

1. Sharing data

We never share your call data with anyone. We neither collect emails sent to support for internal use nor sell it to any third-parties.

2. Storing data

We never store your call data in our servers, and we don't actually own one for this purpose. The app runs stand-alone on your device. However, the premium user can permit us to backup their call data to their Google drive account. Call Log Analytics app accesses your Google Drive account for storing and retrieving call log data, and doesn't have access to other parts of your Google Drive. Any data privacy issues with regards to Google Drive has to be settled between you and Google.

Call Log data

Call Log Analytics is a standalone app. We store your call data in our app to provide analytics, which is the main purpose of the app. Call Log Analytics app requires large call data to provide good analytics. The app won't work without storing the data inside. The data always remains on your device and backup of it can be on your Google Drive account. You have access to your data any time. You can delete your data by uninstalling the app, and removing app data on your Google Drive.


Call Log Analytics uses your contacts for listing contact names and mapping phone numbers with contact names just for display on the user interface. We never backup your contacts to Google Drive.

Account & Authentication

Call Log Analytics app doesn't require any kind of authentication to use. Therefore, we never have your name, email address and password. However, the app checks the list of accounts for the user to choose the account to proceed for payment, if the user is intended to become premium member of the app

Data collection

Call Log Analytics app collects anonymous app features usage data for improving the experience of the app for the users. We collect particularly screen visits and clicks anonymously. The collected data is aggregated for analytics. However we don't store any identification of user as part of the data.

3. Deleting data

Call data

Call Log Analytics collects your call data and stores in an in-app database. Uninstalling the app deletes in-app database and doesn't delete call log data on your device


Uninstalling Call Log Analytics doesn't delete the backup on your Google Drive. When you reinstall the app, you can restore all your call data from Google Drive backup till the last backup. Any call log data collected after last backup cannot be restored. However, after reinstallation, the app tries to collect the recent call log from the device and combines with the latest backup - unless the device is reset

Deleting Call Data

Call Log Analytics app doesn't delete any call logs from the in-app database, that are deleted by user on the device.

Account deletion

Call Log Analytics app doesn't require any account or authentication to use. So, account deletion doesn't apply to Call Log Analytics app

4. Payment information

The user can purchase premium using in-app purchases provided by Google. The payment and transactions are managed by Google, and Call Log Analytics doesn't have access to your credit card, bank account or any payment gateway information. Call Log Analytics only requires to know if you're paid or unpaid user.

Payment disputes

Due to the fact that Call Log Analytics doesn't store any credit card details or transaction information, it is impossible for us to handle complaints or cashbacks – any disputed payments are the responsibility of the payment providers, and banks that participated in the exchange.